What is best crypto to buy from Goldshell with?

Hi, i want to make sure that i am prepared for the next KD box drop and wondered what the best crypto to pay is with and should i get a coinbase account to pay from?

USDC or Bitcoin. Better have quick trigger fingers and about 2500 ready to go. The bots keep beating out the humans on purchase quickness.

Yeah, i can but hope hey :slight_smile: thanks

:+1:t3: Good luck! I’ll be right there with ya

The coin does not matter to coinbase commerce. LTC is what I used.

But have you seen the increase of price on the last drop? I would expect the next drop to be higher as everything is sold out. Including the LB-BOX with an almost 2 year ROI.

Mini-Doge will probably be $799. Better have $2999 for KD.

Also, make sure you have a Coinbase account too and btc or usdt in it. Not sure if Goldshell added more payment options, but at the time I was buying it had to be done via Coinbase. Good luck to us :slight_smile:

Yeah, i’ve put $3800 in just in case :slight_smile: it will still be a good roi at that price

……a good ROI as long as the coin stays up. It’s all hype right now. That’s why I’m also hesitant to jump on the bandwagon at this moment

when is the next kd box drop?

Same here, thats why i’m not buying a resale one for 2x or 3x the rrp.

I think having USDC in a Coinbase account is probably the easiest way to go.