What is everyone mining now?

Just wondering what people are doing, now that it’s been (what 4-5 months?) since the ETH merge. What asics/gpus are you running? what are you mining?


uhhhg LOL . ffkn hard topic. I’ve been playing with new stuff. Kind of my BTC-mid-cycle thoughts. I have a funky belief that when BTC is mid-cycle, prices at bottom but (in theory) on the up and up, that now is the “sign-up/sign-in” time to make good during next bull-peak.

So my x11, sha-256 and Scrypt are just mining on zpool, basically losing money. I have a long term GPU mining run with CCX , so I stick with what I know, as of today it is about 1/10 not profitable (mean I feel I get back 90 cents for 1$ spent mining) to which I HODL. NEOXA is popping off, the market is flowing so at times it’s profitable at other it’s not.

I’m unsure if you enjoy GPU mining but there is currently a mini re-birth. As new crypto enthusiast are waking up to what tokens are and all these scam token groups who seem professional, but are the same ol same ol, are going belly up. I see a lot of interest in coins, even though that is some mini scam because “why” but that’s long term, mining is now/Short term, and the mining is profitable.
I can list a few but they are all hit and miss, the best advice is to study TradeOgre and when they add a new GPU Coin , jump on it. That’s worked OK for me. (HNS , DNX , ZANO, HUSH, IRD) and PDN personally I’m a supporter of Pandanite, I like the developer on a personal level (don’t know them, just appreciate their craft)

But really none of the GPU mineable’s are ‘making the bank’ , they are all hit and miss. But that is the equitable flow of BTC mid-cycle, selling anything today is a loss , per say, where in 1.25 years everything will skyrocket.

For nerds like us, who crypto non stop, I suggest signing up. Are you a THORchad? have you completed Moralis schooling? Do you have an account on Sub-Social / PolkaVerse , the Kusama blockchain social media network? How is your web3 skillz? Can you give me your 1 word web3 handle , not “Handle” per say (if you know what a @Handle is) but any web3 ID. Are you running network nodes? Why not, if so.

I’m still staking hard core, I only trust 1 group. [RAY] Ray Network. To date (over 2 years) they are still profitable. I access [RAY] on ETRNAL wallet (the Google Chrome extension version) as a web page. RAY staking is just staking , its % are whatever but the extra RAY tokens they pay with, have made the grade I might earn a value of $20 per month staking, but each quarter I get about $500 worth of RAY tokens. And when I say $20 per month, that’s today. I HODL, so that will very likely be more like $50-100 per day, when I sell next BTC-halving. I also Stake via exchanges, but that is more about kicks, good vibes and being in the mix to learn, exchanges are like Casino’s. the house always wins, so staking with them may be safer but less profitable.

I can ramble on forever. I hope I might have given you a new idea or key word to explore. THORchad < do that, because it is fun. Even the word is funny.

EDIT/addon: if there is any idea I brushed over with 1 word but you want info, just say. I’ll spell it out best I can. And just for fun, find me, my web3 is my username here. Find me, message me, and I’ll give you a surprise :smiley: "whatchu know about SpookyP "


Hey Kadiyania,

Do you have any good tutorial links for RAY. I’m curious about it and would like to learn more. Just ever wary of scammer links.


Yes, https://raynetwork.io/. But that is not how I access them. I followed the directions given to me and they work, so I stopped there. Staking is not my high point physically or morally.
In a nutshell .
Download ETRNL wallet from google chrome store to your Google Chrome Extensions. The wallet is an extension, but opens like a web page on a Chrome browser.
Once you create a wallet, Click on that wallet profile and then the “staking” tab above the wallet info/details . From there you will see a couple thousand staking options. Of course that is all ADA/Cardano Network. I assume [RAY] does more. But in those list/options, each staking pool has a web address listed. I do know that for ETRNL to list staking, the group or DAO must be registered with the Cardano Foundation, so their is a smidge of credible security in place.

I was told specifically to go with [RAY] for xray tokens (I think they’re just called RAY token now). My pal who advised me is pretty crafty in staking, he pushed the idea that ADA and declining BTC value would go negative, but the RAY tokens make the whole thing extremely viable.

And just to add because I’m a BTC-Maxi. I didn’t intend to get into ada tokens. All my crypto pals love ada because of memes and somehow that spun into NFT’s and like a bad drinking weekend I ended up on the Cardano Foundation, LMAO It all started with 1 meme. LOL

EDIT: in 2030 on Feb 23,at Sea World Way, California, is the 2030 Lambo meet up , lol. Or so we dream.

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Looks like exchanges are getting flak for staking since the SEC is pretty much banning it since its not making them money. Kraken has already halted all staking and people are wondering what will happen to stake only coins like ETH


Had to turn off my older home miners but never stopped mining with my new hosted ASIC’s.

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