What is the best firmware for a S9 pro miner?

What is the best?

I have used the original firmware by Antminer S9
Then EMCD firmware.
Then Sigmaboost.
Next trying Braiins OS+.

Is the info out on the best yet?

Help me mine gooder! :wink:

INeed Money

There is hiveOS too I think that goes up to 20ths for the s9.

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Thanks for that info! It looks to be an impressive os. However I am referring to the firmware running in the miner not the os. Antminer has Antpool firmware as default. I am learning how to write the code currently… just not a quick process.

Hive OS has a lot to tweeks on it to make your rigs hum!

It’s just called hiveOs they have there firmware for s9 that you flash the firmware with.

I’m curious, did you try HiveOS, since sept ?
And what was the result on your S9, with HiveOS ?

I have 2 x S9 and still running with the 2019 antminer version.

Thanks for the input.