What is the best mining rig?

what is the best between helium rig and ASICs rig in 2022

If you are in Kigali - there are only 3 other devices in town - and one of those has been offline for 7 months. I don’t know enough to advise for or against going Helium if there aren’t many other devices to beacon off. I saw there was a HIP to try and improve rewards for people with not many peers. I can see that the 3 devices there are have made nothing in the last 30 days. My Helium in NZ has been making $2.20 NZD/day. Google tells me that’s 1275.27 Rwandan Franc. Your experience in that region is likely to be quite different.
If it will work - it will be by far the lowest power consumption. If you suffer load shedding like SA, then something you can keep running with batteries is probably worth consideration.

But asics are great also. They don’t depend of having peers to connect to for the rewards like Helium. So I can guarantee an asic would earn something just by plugging it in.

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if you know about more information of helium rig and ASIC mining rig in Kigali you can tell me or give me your email please

I don’t know anything special. I’ve only had a helium miner 2 months myself. I just looked up where you live from you profile and checked the helium explorer to see how populated your area is already:

I’m hoping when the Americans wake up there might be someone who knows more about it than me who can offer some advice. Or Indians. There seem to be quite a few Indian YouTubers with some good advice on Helium. They should be awake now. I just know that you don’t really want to share your hex, but you need other sites nearby to earn anything.
You could get several and be the helium king of Kigali

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That explorer link should take you to Kigali

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It help me thank you for your help