What is the best way to Overclock my ASUS ROG STRIX SCAR 15 G533QR-XS98Q for GPU mining?

I recently started gpu mining w/ my ASUS laptop, it’s been very stable, cool & consistent. I would now like to maximize performance, now that I have my ‘proof of work’ here. My spec is basically this, but w/ Ryzen 9 chip:

Mining Ethereum with RTX 3070 Laptop GPU on a Gaming Notebook

I recently found a walk-through from rog which does not require 3rd party tool, except perhaps for the initial stress test.

Any advice before I change settings? It’s currently running GPU=1600MHz/CPU=3800Mhz… what do you think I can expect from overclocking, with respect to ETH mining? What are the maximum speeds and temperatures that should concern me? Currently, the Asus armory crate preset is Turbo.

Thanks all!