What is the communitys, Thoughts on ASIC Miners.us

Having trouble obtaining the tracking number from the site. And or the location of the ASIC we bought . Trying to figure out where in the ether it is.

Contact support, and hope they actually respond


Any updates on this? I had a good experience years back getting a miner from them. My most recent purchase didn’t work out so they are giving me a refund.

Unfortunately we had to go the refund route because he wasn’t willing to find the tracking number because the price of a miner (ks2) had gone up triple in the months that we were waiting for the machine to show up .

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In my opinion it sounds like it was never shipped and was sold to someone else for a higher price.

Seriously what kind of operation isn’t willing to find tracking? Probably said that because it doesn’t exist


I was fearing this but can’t prove it.

Update (you have to wait for your refund till after my vacation) good sir the bbb will be contacting you. I have had enough with the shenanigans.

Sounds like another Seller a year or so back that had gotten so many members $…

Quick update got the refund back. Asics are cool but in terms of the time sensitive nature, I would not recommend this seller.