What is the process for handling a preowned Bobcat 300 HNT miner?


I have bought a bobcat 300. I don’t know it’s history, it powers on, and I can get into bluetooth pairing.

I am offered 2 choices through the setup process on the helium wallet app:

  1. Contact manufacturer to onboard (not available)
  2. Pay an onboarding fee myself $40 plus a $10 assert location fee

I am trying to figure out what this means?

Does this mean this Bobcat has been used by another user in the past? Will this ‘disconnect’ the miner from the original wallet and assign it to my one as part of the process?

Is there anything I can do having booted up the Bobcat to check it’s current status (i guess id need to get it connected to my network).

Helium HNT Hotspot Mining Wiki & FAQ shoutout to @killtheplanet