What is the purpose of helium?

just starting to get into crypto and heard about helium so correct me if im wrong.

i know the purpose of helium is to support IoT but what inherent benefits does it give when compared to the existing IoT supports (e.g cellular data/wifi/sim card/or phone apps).
From helium website, they intent it to power :

  1. Smart pet collar, but there is already gps pet collars and works through sim card. it just need cellular tower to beam off. And almost everywhere has a cellular tower. Yes, there are some locations without signal but the chances of helium network being there is even lower.

  2. Smart bikes/scooter/transport etc, these things already use some form of sim card/Bluetooth or GPS/GLONASS trackers. that works with smart phone and smart phone already have data

  3. Smart system / colling system/ monitoring system, these items already has existing method of IoT connectivity and connect to the internet directly.

  4. side note: airtag can beam off iphone, so whats to say that android phone dont have the capacity to capture infomation from nearby IoT device. if one day there is any of such google service then it will directly cause helium network to be redundant. oh wait, android phones already have google service that ask for your permission when collecting infomations from you or nearby device.

I could list more but there are no inherent benefits that helium provides, and there is no problem with the existing technology that helium have solve. So why would any company choose to use helium network instead of the wifi/data/ethernet that you already have. Sure, there are people who don’t have internet access e.g in the third world country or rural area, but how would they have access to helium networks then? If you are thinking that it’s an opportunity to build up helium network, then why not just build up cellular/wifi/internet networks? Helium does not even state if their network would be more reliable (its worse lol) than existing solution.

Helium aims to decentralize wireless network but it dint decentralize anything, it just tag along your existing network. If it’s a new way of mining and payment/currency method then sure, I think the concept is sound, but there is still the problem of widespread adoption.

Can someone debunk me, because the concept is cool but the real world use case for helium network is limited to non-existent

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