What is the typical life span of a mining machine

What is the typical life span of a mining machine? I throw away [destroy] laptops because of obsolescence about every 3 years. What kind of maintenance does a mining machine need and how often? They run 24/7 so that is significantly higher usage than a typical PC. I know some computer servers that are 10 years old but have changed applications because they got obsolete but still worked just fine. Just curious.

Bump…I’d like to know this as well

3 years to 5 years depending on how well you treat them. Ideally you want a temperature controlled environment so your hashboards aren’t exposed to fluctuations in temperature, this can cause them to crack due to expansion and contraction of the material. 5 years is the longest so far, but is likely the max lifespan because of market conditions and the difficulty on the algorithms ever increasing.