What is this? While mining ETH

What’s this Dev thing that popped up?

Phoenix Miner charges a fee, so does Ethermine…

Phoenix Miner stops your mining for 1 minute every so often and mines to their address. It amounts to a 1% Developer fee with most miners, Gminer charges about 2/3 that amount.

All mining software charge a fee. The POOL takes a fee from your earnings.

Fact of life. and once you mine to their wallet for a minute, they mine to your wallet again.

Well, most of the mining software will charge you. However, not all.

Same for mining pools. For example, Hiveon Pool (for mining ETH and ETC) does not have a pool fee and will also pay for transaction fee during pay out. As long you only have one or two rigs when mining ETH or ETC this is an attractive pool to lower your overhead.

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