What is you favorite miner program?

I have noticed that I get much better performance out of my older NVIDIA on T-Rex for most coins. On Beam Gminer worked best with my cards. 970 and 1050ti.

Not only the algorithm but the POOL will affect your performance. Also consider the version of the mining software. Newer isn’t always better.
Example: for ZCoin, I get the best performance using cryptodredge version 0.21 on MINTPOND.
T-Rex 0.14.6 was competitive and a great program but not the best.
for BEAM LOLMiner on LEAFPOOL gave best results
2Miners pool has one of the best GUI’s but earnings results were less.
For Max profits you need to consider the Mining Software, version, and Pool. Power issues are reduced by obtaining the Max HashRate/Watt.
Consider also, the operating system and version, motherboard, and your processor.
Older processors may be compatible with SSE2 versions up to 4.1 but performance increases if you have an AVX or AVX2 capable processor. Lastly, the GPU Driver version can affect performance.
Good Luck and find a good coin to mine

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holy crap lol I guess I got some more experimenting to do