What makes Ethereum so valuable anyway?

What makes Ethereum so valuable anyway? When will Ethereums price explode or is it already over-valued? Let’s review Ethereum and if Ethereum 2.0 will make ETH one of the best investments of 2021!
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Bitcoin just hit a new all-time high but Ethereum still is only trading at half of its previous all-time high and yet ETH seems more valuable than ever. Ethereum and their ETH 2.0 network allows for a lot of passive income in cryptocurrency opportunities between mining as well as staking ETH. Bitcoin vs Ethereum if ETH catches up with Bitcoins price momentum then it is certainly possible to see Ethereum trading at over $2,000 per coin as all metrics on Ethereum have increased since the previous crypto bullrun except for the price! Let’s review Ethereum and see what makes ETH so valuable anyway?

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:alarm_clock: Timestamps :alarm_clock:
00:00 What makes Ethereum so valuable anyway?
01:15 Bitcoin hits a new all-time high almost 25,000?!
01:54 Ethereum transaction fees are up HUGE due to DeFi
03:21 Gitcoin allows open-source funding for Ethereum community
04:26 Ethereum proof of work mining ETH passive income
05:32 My Ethereum mining profitability in 2021
06:27 Ethereum launched Ethereum 2.0 and ETH staking profitability
10:10 Ethereum 2.0 staking profitability and how earnings work
10:50 Stake your Ethereum w/ CryptoCom app
11:50 Badger DAO Badger token drives DeFi interest
12:37 Ivan on Tech and Boxmining launching DUCK dao DDIM
14:10 CME group launching Ethereum futures contracts
14:52 Let’s review why Ethereum is valuable & huge ROI w/ investing

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Ethereum 2021 Review