What Master Nodes are people running?

There’s a good number of proof of stake/master node coins out there, even a few that might be legitimate projects :wink: I’m not directly running any nodes, but have some shared portions across a couple of (hopefully) more established shared master node sites.

I’ve got an E-Sports Betting Coin bronze node spread across a few locations, since it’s a cheaper coin with a functional use case of a betting site. I’m not using them for betting, just passive income generation.

I’ve got a very small part of a Telos node, just because I was trading it and decided to stake some.

And, I’ve got a few hosting service based nodes, Flits, StakeCubeCoin, and Midas specifically. Hopefully none of them will pull a Gin coin anytime soon, and go belly up from unprofitably running a masternode service :worried:

Not strictly a staking coin, I also have some GIO, the Graviex exchange coin, since that was paying a small amount of satoshi before paying interest on crypto was really a thing.

Definitely not pushing any of these, just where I’ve parked a little bit of crypto to make some interest. Not an amount I can’t afford to lose. I know Vosk mainly covers mining, aside from that Enrgi video, but anyone else do anything with master nodes?

ESBC isn’t one I’d come across before. Their guide only gives you the option of VPS hosting. Is this a feasible coin to stake at home, on a Raspberry Pi or similar?

From what I can tell, if you want to run a Masternode they only provide directions for Linux systems. I’m not sure if a Raspberry Pi has the specs to run one or not, but if you have a Linux system then you can set one up pretty easily. As far as staking in the wallet, you can do that on any computer that they built a wallet for as - long as it’s on-line.

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I’m in touch with them via Discord now - I’ll update here if I remember but this is a good start

@sambrown.05 Yes, you can do this if you have a basic knowledge of Linux
unfortunately we don’t have a guide for this”

If you had to choose, what is the best master node, period?

Well, if I could get anyone for free, I would go with Dash since it’s the market leader and even with a low ROI, the coin is so highly prices you still make thousands a year off it :smiley:

But, if you mean getting into one using your own money, priced as they are currently… that’s pretty open for debate.

I am still researching Zcoin I just love that it can be mined and staked this is the future of crypto imo

ESBC may be possible on Pi

@InvestYG Can you recommend any mast node hosting sites and if they charge legitimate fees? I found https://nodehub.io/dashboard/view_coin?coin=pac would you recommend this service?

Personally I like Flits or Stakecube. But, it really depends what you want hosted, since not all sites host all coins. You can always get a VPS from Contabo or Vultr and host it yourself, though it’s a little more expensive.