What mining pools are best for S19j Pro?

Just got my S19j Pro 104T. Been using F2Pool for my mini Doge miner and NICEHASH for my GPU miner. What are your recommendations for my S19j? Should I use F2Pool and merge mine? What is the most profitable with the best stability?

I merge mine with my S19j Pro 96TH on f2pool.

Have you tried another pool?

I do have SlushPool, Poolin, pool.btc.com, and DxPool, in addition to my f2pool.

With f2pool I get the BTC plus transaction fees, plus VCASH, Hathor, Namecoin, and Elastos, gramted that we are probably speaking of $1 or $2 dollars extra, but something is something I guess.

Plus everything is in one pool, which makes it easy for taxes.

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I was wondering that as well. Gotta love the taxes.

Yep, to keep it simple, I only use f2pool for now.

I might change in the future but lets see.

Where can I find wallets for the 4 other coins?

Hathor has it’s own iOS app, for VCASH I use the BigONE Exchange, for Namecoin I use the Coinex Exchange, and for Elastos I use my Ellipal Titan hardware wallet, which happens to have support for that coin.

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Much appreciated. I was looking around last night but was worn out from the excitement and did not get much research done.

i use viaBtc for a mining pool because there are no withdrawal fees if you use coinex exchange. Plus its a daily payout and i can also do an instant withdrawal for free at any time. Coinex is the exchange they use so it is a member to member transfer so there are no fees.

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i like to keep things simple. f2pool all the way with mining btc

ok, i am trying to set up my S19J pro 104T and I feel like i do not have the mining address right. how should it look when entering it for a North American Pool

Does anyone have any miners with Compass mining? Because I’m thinking of letting them host this S19j Pro miner for me Thoughts?

I do, I have one S19j Pro 96TH Mining with Compass since Oct 26! I also have 2 L7 scheduled to go online and Mining with Compass by Jan 10.

So far for my mining pool I use f2pool for the merge mining, and also for the easy to use interface.

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thx bro saving up for one right now, just recently got into all this.