What pdu to use (120 or 240 Volt)

I just got a KA3 miner and have a question about what pdu to order. On Amazon they have the L6-30P with the c13 plugs that I need but it comes at 120V or 240V.

I bought the 240V pdu thinking I needed the extra voltage but my brother brought up that the c13 to c14 cords have 2 hot lines of 120V when he measured it. The KA3 miner has 2 power cords so would it be overloaded with 480V if both plugs are connected?

Did I order the wrong pdu? Or am I just really confused?

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I have no clue. Im sure some of the guys in here will know though. Just curious, where did you buy your KA3 from?

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Bt miners. I bought the December batch and it just arrived.


You need to supply the miner 240v. So your pdu must be plugged into a 240v supply that caters for its recommended amperage. The miner needs 2 x 240v. The miner uses this a 240v overal supply. Supplying it with 2 x 240v cables from the pdu does NOT equate to supplying it with 480v.

But if in doubt you must seek the services of a registered electrician.

Vosk has a video used as guidance . Once again, it’s guidance and you must seek assistance from an electrician if you are at all unsure