What’s vosk real Instagram and email?

I was talking back and forth with a vosk tru email , about what miner to buy to start off. I don’t know if is a scammer. please help… he sent me a link of a website to buy a btc miner . I don’t want to get scam by a fake wanna be Vosk.
There’s like 4-5 Instagram with more then 10k followers.

Absolute scam. Delete. Run away.

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What’s vosk real Instagram ?

Is Goldshell.com a good website or scam?

I want to buy a btc miner… any website you recommended

There are fake goldshell websites, but goldshell.com is the real one.
My first miner was a goldshell LB Box I got from Amazon in May. Then I got hooked and bought all the box miners, 3 helium miners, 3 ipollo v1 mini classics, ipollo g1 mini, a GPU rig, and set up some nodes like flux and scprime. There are more things on the way, maybe I need professional need help.
Most of this has been from Alibaba, Amazon, ebay, or Global Sources. I got scammed once. Every time I buy anything, I check here to see if they are scammers, along with other due diligence to try not to get scammed.
So places I can say are safe and have delivered to me that aren’t random Amazon people:
And I have a guy at Shenzhen Creative Technology Co who has been great. It’s where I got my KD Box, 2 KD Box Pros, 2 S19’s.
He can put the payment through Alibaba Trade Trusted which costs me a handling fee, but guarantees I can get a refund it it doesn’t turn up. It also makes tracking the freight easy.
I get the price list through every week in whatsapp
He’s been good to me - maybe he can help you too:
E-mail:​ paul@pmglobal.cn
What’s app: 86-15019264137

Uh your link is broken