What Should I Mine Next?

I Just Bought an ASIC Miner L3+ and mining Dogecoin and Litecoin making around 7 to 8 Dollars a day. , Waiting on My Bobcat, What should I mine next? and with kind of rig? im ready to buy and start mining! i would really like you guy’s input!

I have some used FusionSilicon X1 miners for sale. They earn between $4-$6 per day on Zergpool.

Really??? asicminervalue reports a negative profit for it :open_mouth::open_mouth:

Check out the Lyra2REv2 profitability factor on Zergpool. AsicMinerValue.com is, more often than not, incorrect.

Thanks for the response, but what im really asking is what kind of coin should i mine?

Kda, eth, hnt