What Should We Name the Mining Shed?

Hi again!

As you might have seen in my last post, we are making some great progress on our VoskCoin Field Building, where we plan to do all sorts of crazy crypto projects.

We are also receiving our Mining Shed 2.0 within the next two weeks, and want the community’s help naming that building as well. This building will host our mining operation (more details coming soon).

Let us know what you think we should call this building in the comments below. And don’t forget to include your BTC address, as we plan to reward the winning name!

Thanks for joining us on our crazy crypto journey!

xx MissVosk


The Mine Cave
Shiba Shanty
Crypto Kennel
Vosk’s Timeout Room

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The Vosk Cave
The Vosk Lodge
Vosk Haven
The he Shed


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Shib Shack


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Nod to the ranche “SouthFork” of the Ewing oil business family in the 80s series “Dallas”. Now of course home to the mining and solar business Vosk family!


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Mining Shed 2.0 :man_shrugging:

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If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it

Advanced Remote Mining Facility - or the ARM Facility
Carbon Zero # - or Carbon Zero Facility # - Where # is the number of the building in Greek. e.g. Carbon Zero Alpha, Carbon Zero Facility Beta
The Sauna
Solar Cooker
The Hot Box
The Satoshi Sauna


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Sheds & Tails

Epic Solar Powered Bitcoin Mining Shed? :smiley: or the ESPBMS

The Capitulation Station

Token Tool Shed


Crypto Tails (dual meaning), that way tailes will be forever in charge with his name on the entry posts.

The name infers a story while remembering the founder / CEO.

Tale / Tails

You should name it THE TAILS MAHAL.

Musk Shed

suicide shed

Crypto-cornucopia ! It looks a bit crowded… Crypto- c o r n u c o p i a

The Dog House.