What site to you use for trading?

I have the normal exchanges, Coinbase, BlockFi, Celsius. I use these for storage and interest rewards for both coins and usdc.

The charges are pretty high for purchases and trading. What do you all suggest for trading with the lowest cost?

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I like Kucoin, I’d call it my main exchange.
TradeOgre for “Coins”.
MEXC Global , for … a lot of coins/tokens.

I like those 3 because I don’t like to leave a crypto/financial trail . Their trading fee’s are normal/standard 0.1 - 0.5%. Each has it’s up’s and down’s. Kucoin is the real deal exchange so I expect to pay a premium (0.1%) but its market’s handle serious volume. Tradeogre is a “Coin” exchange, I’ve used for mining wallets for years. MEXC Global is new’ish, has a lot of token/coins, and volume.
Sign up and withdraw at those 3 is easy.

Just stumbled upon this thread, and even though it’s a bit dated, I thought I’d chime in with something that could still be useful. The exchanges you mentioned are indeed popular, but the high fees can be a downside.

If you’re still on the hunt for low-cost trading platforms, have you considered checking out https://presale.world? I recently discovered it and found that it offers various crypto trading and investment tools that could be a good fit for someone looking to save on trading costs.
Given your concerns about fees, presale.world might be worth a look. Would love to hear if you have any updates on your trading journey these past few years!