What sites are safe to buy crypto miners

what sites are safe to buy crypto miners

Direct from the manufacturer is best

It is best and cheapest option if you can get it from manufacturer.

However, there are few legitimate websites among a lot of scam ones. So do you homework before sending your hard earned money or crypto. Best way to pay is card payment or PayPal.

I have bought my miners from asicminershub.com they do accept credit cards and PayPal so it felt safe.
I bought one goldshell box thinking that if something goes wrong - not much of a damage, but it arrived very fast, shipping from China took 11 days from the day it was ordered. so I can definitely recommend them.
Best part is that second order (Ipollo G1 Mini) has arrived in less than 2 days after the day it was ordered, just because they had it in stock locally. They are based in UK and ships mainly from China, however if they have stock in UK and you are from UK you are lucky to get hands on the miner within days after purchase!

P.S. I have contacted them via WhatsApp before placing the order and they also offered me a discount for my second order!