What Steven Drawdy had too say

Some of you may know what is going on with Steven Drawdy and the new ones may not, this will be a good learning curve for the new guys getting into ASIC mining and also good to learn on who NOT to buy from. Steven Drawdy has done ticked me off beyond max. To the most extreme I have ever been. This comes to me after 2 things that just recently was said.

1: What I will call a good friend I have made through all this, is down on his last leg and is not doing good with the financial stress Steven has caused him. He is not able to sleep at night. I offered a call or talk anytime to help him if he needs to talk but I know it’s weighing on him heavy. I will not post his name but I have grown to like this guy as a good friend and for Steven to not care about other people’s situation when we trusted him with tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars really upsets me! This is not the first time I have heard this, I have talked to many people in the same situation who are so depressed and stressed that it’s a tad bit concerning!

2: His reply to my Google review stated something that is a LIE and also concerning at the same time. I will post it below. He has since deleted it because maybe he knows what he said was a slip up. Notice how he said he used his own money to refund people, that is a lie as people had to pay him to get a refund from his “supplier” but those poor individuals have not received any refunds at all so in hindsight they gotten scammed a second time. Secondly, he almost hints that his supplier was a fraudulent supplier which sparks concern and we need to know if this is true! Fortunately I screenshot everything because EVERYTHING is sent over to the detective and also saved for the lawyer when it’s ready. Including this post.

This Steven guy tells nothing but lies and what’s sad is he thinks we all fall for it!! What Steve don’t know is he stole from the wrong group of people! We are not stupid, we will not give up getting justice for what he has done and we will make sure what he has done to us will be done to him 10x worse.

Anyone who is still waiting on orders and believe he will not deliver or was scammed I recommend you let others know via Google, and leave your review or anything else before they get scammed. Might as well because supposedly the business I am giving him from all the traffic is making him lots of money and he can’t keep up… “according to his reply”.

This post is intended to save future buyers from him scams and hopefully it can prevent another innocent person from having their hard earned cash stolen by this thief. So untill I see that he has ful intentions to do what is right by law and live up to his word or delivers the items we bought m, I will continue to tell others about him on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit or any other site related to Crypto mining.


I’ll PM you to share some info in detail because I know the master :clown_face: is lurking around on this forum.

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Well as Vosk even said he was, that makes sense.

Oh trust me he is lurking around here, which I know that and that’s fine because we have nothing to hide and I will not censor my thoughts on him. I got a rather interesting text from him after I posted this post last night and boy was it unprofessional, very threatening and well needless to say many things that I will use in court if it comes to that.

On a side note, last night I reached out to a bigger supplier and told them about the situation with Steve and the delays that his “supplier” is telling him they are having and these items ordered where NOT pre orders but in fact stuff like S19 and KD boxes and other common ASICs and that it has been 5 months and still nothing! They said that NO supplier in China is having those kind of delays and that it is definitely a scam. They also mentioned that everything said is stuff that is done in China as far as how they scam people go.

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Once again man feel sorry for all that are involved wouldn’t be surprised that most called it quits after this but y are all of u ok with him being on this forum under a different name really I think any respectable person wouldn’t want him here just y is everyone just ok with this to u guys to vosk himself


Trust me I wish he was blocked from having an account again but even if he was blocked from having and account he can still come in as a guest and read things, 'I think?" Regardless I hope people don’t give up as I believe that’s what Steve probably wanted. I know I myself am not and the detective is not either. Last time I spoke with the detective he was very blunt, that if Steven is proven guilty he make make sure he does time behind bars. Steven is well known in Grovetown in a bad way with his rap sheet of charges from what I have heard from Grovetown PD.

@Carl_Canady I also bought from him and I need to see how to get to the bottom of this to!! Can you please PM me somehow?? I’m new to this

could you share an update on this situation

I have been working hard and tirelessly with this along with others and have found a team w/ solution

Anyone that has placed any orders with Just a Bit of Coin/ him that failed to get their orders or refund back, please contact Paula and let her know and tell her Mike sent you. She will help the process with all of us that have been in similar situations

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I have the updates if interested you can PM or call my personal or business line and I can give you an update over it all


I can vouch for Mike and what he as said. For ANYONE who has ordered from Steven and have not gotten your items, services or refunds do contact Paula!

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Y not inform the whole thread y is everything so closed doors?? His website is still up and running and he has YouTube channel now too. Grant you guys do have class suit but only state of Kentucky https://www.classaction.org/media/spindler-et-al-v-just-a-bit-of-coin-ltd-et-al.pdf On doing more research Georgia seen no criminal crime done hence y now your trying to do Kentucky. And now he stole 5 million which is what your class suit said remember everything you do is most likely public record. And remember also you were the one that would vouch for him and also went to bat for him when this went down which still seem fishy to me plus how you won’t say anything on here closed doors again

Hey Smokey, how’s it going. Maybe I can clear up some information. The class action lawsuit was under wraps and confidential, we kept it that for awhile as we didn’t want Steve to be aware of the depth of our actions. Now, as you can tell the lawsuit is up public and we can openly discuss it as it had been confirmed Drawdy HAS been served as of be yesterday. The lawsuit is going at it from different angles as some people had money stolen differently.

The Attorney is in Kentucky, but that is because of the acquaintance and the reputation of the chosen attorney for the situation. It has nothing to do with Georgia not seeing his activity as illegal. In fact to add too this, we are also talking to a private investigative news reporter. This reporter has given us more insight to Steven Drawdy that was unknown as well as more charges filed against him from his own FAMILY for money theft.

Mike did originally back up Steven at the beginning as he truly believed Steven to be legit. I have spoken too and even met Mike and he told me everything he was feeling, what Steven had him really believe. It was shortly after he backed him up he started connecting the dots as Mike started talking to us behind close doors. Then Mike was able to be use the 'buddy" card on Steven to get more information from Steven to help our situation for legal purposes.

Hopefully this clears things up and things are settled.

AGAIN, if anyone else has ordered from Steven contact Paula to get your own case started and YES you can start it with multiple people on ONE lawsuit.


Is this still going on or am I too late? Is it possible even if you are not from the States?