What thermal paste is everyone using?

Since I’ve started to gather the used parts needed to make my first mining rig, I’d like to get a recommendation for thermal paste to use when putting everything together.

The used ASRock MOBO that I purchased came with an Intel CPU and fan already installed. I pulled the fan to verify the processor model, and will need to clean it all up, and put new paste on when I reassemble it.

Thank you in advance.

Arctic Silver idk y I picked that one i just remember seeing other tech youtubers recommend it


You can use Normal Thermal Paste
For Better cooling use liquid metal
For even better cooling, use watercooler with liquid metal paste
For even even better cooling, remove the IHS (delid you processor) and then Water cool it using NudeCNC

To break World Record, use liquid Nitrogen
To just hit the moon, use liquid Helium

Have a Great Day!