What to buy to make 800 a day

Disabled Veteran here, and getting ready to be unemployed Due to Biden’s Order on Military contractors, I am wanting to start a business and get a business loan to purchase 60k in equipment any idea what I’ll need to accomplish that, how many L7 or E9 and do just eth?

L7 is scrypt algorithm. Can not farm eth. Only scrypt coins like doge and litecoin. 60k will get you at this point 2 maybe 3 L7. Which only like 375 a day.


Eth will Stoped be mined really soon by January 2022…


I am looking for samething how invest max to get around 500 daily… how much this would cost?

Thank you guys

2 L7 should be enough to get to that goal for the meantime.

I myself am planning to start with 1 Nebra HNT indoor hotspot (probably by the year 2030 at this point since they keep extending the shipping dates), and 1 Goldshell Mini Doge, both hosted at my house.

I also plan to have 1 AntMiner S19j Pro online by October 31st, and 2 AntMiner L7 online by January 10 with Compass Mining.


@SUNYNKA hello, how you are ordering with compass? When I go to their website, I see nothing available. Do you pay with real money or coins?

Thanks for your help… I’m a beginner here and I just bought some GPU over the net. I got scammed by Alibaba on a A6 never got shipped.

What you mean they have nothing available? I just checked and they have 1 Antminer S19j Pro 100 TH (May 2022) @ US$8,200.00, and 1 Antminer S19j Pro 100 TH (Apr 2022) @ US$8,400.00.

All you do is order the miners and you can either pay with Credit Card, Wire Transfer, or Crypto (BTC, USDT, or USDC).

I can confirm this…I just got 1.

So when you check on their website on Buy Bitcoin Mining Hardware — Compass you don’t see both AntMiner S19j Pro? (You must have an account with them to be able to see the miners I think).

@SUNYNKA oo… I don’t have account… I will create one… do we need pay the total in preorder or just a portion?

This asic at 9k $ USD take one year to pay at 20$ per day. it is not better then GPU and it mine just one thing… Asic should be better then that to buy it.

I don’t think they take credit cards…

That is one of the options when checking out/purchasing a miner on Compass Mining.

They just recently added the wire transfer to it, it was not there when I bought my S19j Pro and my 2 L7 from them.