What wallet for CKB, Nervos

Hi guys

After installing and searching, I got tired of trying to find a wallet / exchange for Nervos. Something kinda like Exodus where I can change trade/convert my tokens. I have zelcore and cex.io but none of these seem to be able to hold CKB.
Any help will be appreciated :wink:

I’ve been using Coinex for a while to accept CKB, along with a laundry list of other coins.

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crypto.com wallet to hold, lots of options there

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Neuron is the native wallet and you can send to an exchange

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I send mine to crypto.com no issues for me yet.

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How do you sell and withdraw from CoinEx?

I convert it to usdt then send it to a kyc exchange. Kraken or Blockfi.

So you send it to Coinex and then as USDT to kraken is that because Coinex does not convert to Fiat?

Basically, yeah.

Neuron :100: is the best Nervos Network CKB wallet for long-term holders

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I think, there are many ways which you can keep your CKB safe on software or maybe hardware wallet.