What wallets are you using to store daily mining profits?


With the current state of crypto, (ftx, Blockfi) etc. I have been wondering if there is a more secure wallet to send daily mining payouts…
I have only been mining with an L7 for 7 months now and currently profits go to my crypto.com wallet.

What else are people using? other companies or can a private wallet be used???


I use a ledger nano X which works fine had no issues. I also like using the Litecoin core wallet and using Mweb for transfers. Some people seem to think Crypto.com is next to fall - I personally do not have an opinion on it but that’s what I’ve been hearing so perhaps DYOR and do what’s best for you

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ledger nano x


Search on it, hardware wallets can have some issues with allot of tiny transactions.

I wouldn’t keep anymore than I wanted to loose on any exchange. I have an old iphone that the only thing it’s used for is to move amounts to my ledger, it has no service.


Trezor model T

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Mining to an exchange is fine, as long as you withdraw to your own private wallet every so often!

Exchanges allow easy API of all mining transactions to your tax program (like Koinly). And avoids a ton of transactions being put on your hardware wallet (can cause issue for ledgers).

Just don’t forget about it, move your mined crypto every month or so to a private wallet.

If the exchange fails, your loss will be minimum, but still reap all the benefits of using the exchange…

My 2 cents…


I use a CoolWallet X.
Super easy to use, trade, on/off ramp

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Ledger nano S Plus.