What would make the PERFECT cryptocurrency? + Giveaway!

What would make the perfect cryptocurrency? Follow the giveaway rules detailed in this video to enter! Winner(s) chosen end of February!

I would use a crypto wich supports healtcare and chairtys and use web 3 or polygon chain

:zap: :coin: Perfect Coin…

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Still have much to learn about crypto. So sharing some of my thoughts.

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The perfect crypto?
1 it has to solve the blockchain trilemma
2 has to have at least some form of pow, be it low or high power
3 cannot be an infinite cap
4 no or minimal premine (minimal meaning less than .01%)

aside from the technical jargon, it has to pick up significant steam in development before it grows too far so we don’t get a repeat of a half-done coin hitting some stupid high point and dying in the next bear market.

You describe KDA xaxaxaxax

Perfect coin = $FLUX

What an essay i love it