What would you do?

Let’s say you have some money in the stock market and you are deciding to cash some or all out to dump on buying some ASICS that are IN STOCK and ready to go.

To be honest I’m torn, I hold some companies that I really enjoy but I do feel like 2022 will be the year things trade sideways mostly the S&P 500. Most of my holding are in tech and big tech.

I will probably go straight and dump them on some s19A since they are available.

Maybe someone has done this and regretted it or thought it to be the best decision they made. Looking for thoughts I guess?

I totally understand I feel this year stocks aren’t going to be amazing. But remember the crypto follows the stock market very closely I wouldn’t bet the whole farm on some Asic miners though.


I know, isn’t that funny how crypto mostly bitcoin wad thought of to be a hedge against inflation and the devaluing of our dollar BUT it follows tech stocks more than anything! When tech rallies so does cryptos.

To be transparent I hold exactly 752 shares of LCID “Lucid” at a very low price of 22.13 average. I would hate just HATE to give that average up when I know that Lucid will be a major disruption to the EV sector.

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Similar, have 800 ish @ 17. It follows because the big boys run crypto as well. I splurged on a kd6.

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Looks like we have the same taste! Although wish I had your average! I’m curious what the 19th brings with lucid with the share lock ups expirations

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