What's best to start with: SHA-256, Scrypt or niche algo ASIC (KDA, etc)?

Hi! I’m trying to get a first ASIC miner and prices are a bit crazy (I’ve found an Antminer L3+ 540Mh for 950$ Us on Alibaba… I’m kind of desperate :slight_smile: I was wondering if, as a "small miner owner " I should stay away from the power race related to SHA-256 (where the big guys are buying 20k+ miners per orders… you can’t get their price, I’m pretty sure they are still able to get orders filled by Bitman etc… even in those days of “global shortage”… and we are left with second-hand stuff at a huge premium $$$). So, should I stick to a more narrow selection (Scrypt, KDA, etc…) What are the pros thinking?