Whats the most lucrative rig I can buy with $30k?

Hello Guys,

I am new to crypto in general, but I’d like to get helped on what is the best investment in terms of mining rigs I can make with $30k. I seen VoskCoin video about how he makes $143 a day with his rigs, is it possible to go beyond that with a investment no so higher?

I am moving funds to do this in a month

Asic miners

This is a tough question. If you want to setup a mining business that’s one way to look at your investment. Mining will require your involvement and management. But it’s rewarding and you can certainly afford the bullrun buy-in scalper prices for the hardware.

Another option is to purchase crypto directly (a spread of BTC, ETH and some others) and stake it for a small but certain % ROI.

Another option is to invest in coins where you can operate masternodes and do passive income that way. 30K of masternodes is a tasty proposition.

Food for thought.