Whatsminer.net anyone ordered from here?

This reseller looks attractive and has units in stock
Can’t find any definitive proof that they are legitimate. Please share with me if you have ordered from here.

I would like to know as well…

They are legit. They have inventory in Florida and are basically the US distribution arm or BTMiner. Call and talk to them if you want. Matt is the guy I have dealt with.

They are legitimate. I’ve ordered miners from there. My experience was awful, and the guy who runs it is a prick (in my experience), but it is a legitimate site.

Yeah i heard mixed reviews on them too…

What were your issues with them?

The problem was that my machine was way delayed in shipping. It was odd, a guy I work with and I both ordered machines from him around the same time with my co-worker ordering a week or two after I did, and his machine came a month or so before mine. I emailed the guy several times, and never heard back from him. I finally emailed him and said this wasn’t acceptable that he wasn’t responding and that my machine hadn’t been sent out. I said I was thinking about filing a claim with his local police department for theft since he had my payment but wasn’t sending out the machine, and then he started threatening me, saying that since he is Florida he could sue me for saying I might call the police, and that I wasn’t the first person to try calling the cops on him…etc.etc.etc. He was just extremely rude, when all he had to do was either say he forgot about my order, or that there was a delay, but after being severely delayed in shipping my order I never heard from him until I started really bugging him, and telling other people what was happening on some other crypto forums, then he got in touch and demanded I take down what I wrote on the forums. I understand delays and would have been fine if he just owned up to the delay, but instead, he went ballistic and started giving me a bunch of crap for his mistake.

Ouch…Not the kind of supplier you want to deal with.

Yeah i heard your story somewhere.

Thanks for sharing with the community!

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Thanks for the feedback I’ve been scammed before I don’t want to take any chances