Whattomine &/or really HOW

Hey guys, I’ve been mining stable on nicehash for about a week now.

Parts list

3 - 1080 TI
7 - 1080,
1 - B250 Mining expert,
1 - EVGA 1600 T2,
1 - HP 1200 PSU,
1- 4 GB DDR4,
1 -Intel BX80677G3930 7th Gen Celeron Desktop Processors,
1 - AAAwave 14 GPU Mining Case + 12 x AAAwave 2100 RPM Fan
~14 - Micro Connectors PCIe 4/6/15-Pin 16x to 1x Powered Riser Adapter Card.

The thing is i want to diversify i’ve been hearing lots of talk about ETH for example, I’d appreciate it if someone would help me set up a new program that will mine this currency or any other for that matter.

FYI this is my very first rig. Please correct any mistakes i’ve made or changes you think i should make. I have 4 more cards (1080) i would like to add but i believe i don’t have enough power ATM.

You will need a wallet for your ethereum (note the address)
You will need a mining Pool for ethereum
You will need mining software to mine the ethereum to your wallet address, on the pool.

Zelcore Wallet and Atomic Wallet are good and can hold your ETH. Install and get your RECEIVE address.

Dozens of pools for ETH, but you may consider 2Miners, Ethermine, F2Pool, etc.

The algorithm is what distinguishes the software. You need the ETHASH algorithm which mining software must use to mine ETH. Many ETH miners exist for both windows and Linux. I use the Claymore dual miner (mines just ETH if you want) version 15.0. Another good one is Gminer version 2.14. These are capable of running the version after the fork where they fixed a bug.
Get your mining software from GitHub via a Google search of the coin/software.

The batch file: many pools have a web page that shows how to configure a batch startup file or a config file or json file. I prefer the batch file but the others can be configured too.

Basically your batch file calls the mining program with the pool/server url and port followed by your wallet receive address and rig name. Other parameters just enhance the functionality and speed or the miner. Create a shortcut to your batch file and place on desktop. Do this for each coin and pool and you can switch which coin to mine very fast.

Good Luck

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