When does Data Mining become an addiction?

I did a fair bit of research before I started (Mar-Jun 2021) before being scammed on my very first purchase. Not to be put off, I then purchased 2 old ASIC miners from Ebay, but didn’t exactly receive what was originally described (a waste of money again). Still pushing on, I then constructed 4 GPU rigs myself, each with eight Gigabyte 1660 cards. Seeing them work was a thing of beauty, but very expensive to build, so I turned back to Ebay and have since purchased 4 Innosilicon A4 Supers, 4 Antminer L3++ and 10 L3+. I built myself a Data Mining Shed we call the Man Cave and had it wired up to take most of the miners, and I run a little extra power over to it from the house. From my first purchase to the completed man cave was less than 2 months. I now have 4 GPU rigs and 16 working ASIC miners…and another 4 still struggling to get working.
I want to keep going, and start replacing some of the L3+ with Innosilicon A10s and slowly build my farm up. Currently I have maxed out my AMP usage for our house (living in town). Solar will be put on the house in the next 2 months too.
I eventually (in next 5 years) want to purchase some land, build a studio on the property myself (which will later become the Data Mining farmhouse), set up a huge solar setup off grid again by myself, and eventually have a house built on the land. Ultimately becoming self sufficient, off grid and living off the Data Mining income. This was all inspired by Drew Vosk and his videos (together with some other research and videos)
Looking forward to living the dream !!!

Anybody got any advice for me to help with my 5 year plan?

The best thing I ever did financially was to pay off my car as well as my wife’s. Between the both of us, we freed up over $800 a month; this is always the first piece of advice I give to anyone looking to become more financially independent. We also paid off our house, but I realize that isn’t possible for a lot of people. I would recommend to do it in steps… Look for land now, even if you’re looking for 3 years, by then you’ll have a great understanding of the real estate market you’re looking into.

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