Where are some reliable sites to a miner buy off of?

I am recently getting into the search for an asic miner or two and I want to find a reliable site that could potentially have a Goldshell KD5 or an antminer L7. Are there any trusted sites that i can buy off of right now?

Bt-miner.com has both the L7 and KD5 and they accept credit cards but you won’t like the prices.

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Its actually bt-miners.com, my bad.

GoldShell so far, and I have heard good thing about E-bay.

is bt miners legit the bad reviews are scary and thats what im here to find. They dont accept credit cards or anything

They take credit cards a bought 2 new s19j pros from them with a credit card, the first one that came was in great condition and the box wasnt damaged, the second is coming next wednesday so I’ll have to see.