Where can I sell my miners?

Hi everyone! I have 3 GoldShell KD6 miners and I want to sell them. Where can I sell them? I tried reaching out to several reliable companies that sell miners to see if they were able to help me sell them, but I haven’t received any responses. Also, I think platforms like eBay and Facebook Marketplace are not the ideal place to sell miners because I’ve heard that posts regarding cryptocurrency and miners get flagged/taken down. Also, new sellers are not able to sell things that cost more than a set limit. Is this true? Could I sell my miners on eBay/Facebook Marketplace? If not, where else could I sell them?

You should be able to sell on eBay though it may be hard without a track record of selling miners.

I see, ok, thank you for the information I really appreciate the help.

Also if anyone knows any more information that could help me sell my miners, please let me know, I would highly appreciate it.

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