Where do I find data as earning/hash capacity?

Dear forum please be patient with me as Iam new to this :

  • Iam trying to find mining data such as earning per hash capacity. If I understood correct the current payout for mining Bitcoin is 6.25btc/block. Somewhere it should be possible finding estimate and historical payout per current hash capacity (in GH/s) as all mining pools displays number of workers and current hashrate. Yes there is calculators for this but I want to access the data myself so where do this mining calculators get their data from ?

I have search this forum and many others for answer to this simple question and I suspect I’m using wrong words/nomenclature so please correct me and point me to information if so.

Iam looking for more statistics of BTC, eth, bth, there should be a stats site for cryptocurrencies like CBOE for commodities ?

Kindly K.Jolf.