Where do you get news regarding the market going up or down

Where do you get your information regarding whether the market is trending up or trending down?

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CoinMarketCap.com Can show stuff like general trend of the market. For example The global crypto market cap is $1.06T, a 2.74% decrease over the last day.

Also some good heat view maps,

Ok. How about some news about why the market is down or up as well as some statistics?

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@JoeJoe1 Youtube has some good crypto people that go over that type of info. A few I like are cryptosrus, altcoindaily, tyler s, crypto casey, and clearvalue tax. Just be careful, some youtube channels are just about trying to sell you something or trying to push their products/links on you.

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Coin bureau is another good utuber. He goes in depth, and in his sunday email has what % of what coins he has in his portfolio. Sometimes he can go a bit to in depth for my attention span. :face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_spiral_eyes:

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