Where should i set up my miners?

Should I set up my miners inside of the house in an empty room or in the garage? I live in Arizona so it gets very hot in the summer. If i go inside what can i do about the heat? Would fans be enough?

I cut a hole in the celing and put in an attic fan to pull the heat out of the room. Works pretty well, although I bought some fan attatchments and am going to run duct straight to the attic fan as well.

Garage. You will be hated by everyone who lives with you if you don’t take this approach. Trust me.

Make sure you buy an exhaust and cut a square and install it. Since you live in AZ, I assume you’re house exterior is stucco. It isn’t hard to do if you have the right tools.

Find the coolest place possible. A cellar would be amazing, or go immersion cooling. A cool miner can be overclocked easily for more income and no more wear and tear, given that you do it right and keep the temp in range.


I put mine in the basement, in front of a window and duct the exhaust out the window

Fast air! The faster you can move air through your hardware the better even if its 100+ out and the air is flowing fast the asic will stay cool enough. It’s gotta be FAST.

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