Where to buy 3080 evga nvidia from?

Hey Guys,

I was wondering where to buy the 3080 evga from ?

It isnt available any where. If you have any idea when will it be available?


Ebay if you want to pay an arm and a leg for one :smiley:

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Check Alibaba.com but ask questions before buying. I see 3080’s new & used but they make ads with more than one model listed in the title & the body. The model info is listed but I find some ads kind of confusing. Alibaba is like the walmart of the online world and most of the junk we buy is for sale at this site including shirts, jet skis, PC’s and so on. Some sellers have inventory in the USA & others come from one of the Asian tiger countries…mostly China, Taiwan and Malaysia. Good prices & some sellers are real wholesalers.