Where to buy a mini doge miner from?

Hello all, I’ve been looking to buy a few mini doge goldshell miners. Goldshel is sold out on their site. They have them for sale on Amazon but they are coming from China sold by a seller from China.

Just curious if anyone knows where I can get a number of them from without being scammed?



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You realiZe all miners are coming from china right?


Some of the best deals can be found from Chinese sellers… those are the guys buying from the manufactures which are in China BTW. I wish some USA company would realize the crypto market potential and start building some ASIC in the USA.

Any sellers you would recommend?

Have you purchased anything from them? If so, did you have any issues, etc.

I bought 6 minidoges and two PSU from them, it takes 1-2 weeks to arrive . Don’t order more than 2 miners at the time so you can avoid paying tariffs

Are they used or brand new?

Brand new

How much?

dxpool has mini doge in stock now for $799 with no psu. He gave you their site earlier, you should check it out if you are interested @Berks83