Where to mine DASH?

What pool do you use to mine DASH? I’m trying f2 pool with a 50% rejection rate. Is nicehash better? Who do you mine with?

That’s a rather small pool. Do you actually hit blocks?

I use the pool for my all my K7 and KS3M payouts in Dash

Damn I wish I gave you my referral code :sob::rofl:

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So this is like the Voskcoin community pool? I’m a lightweight still, but I’ll throw give it a go

Nar it’s run by a Spanish guy, he only started out with scrypt but has branched out to other algos, the pool has been the most profitable for scrypt most of the time, he say’s because of faster coin switching. He’s a super nice guy, they have a discord server he’s active in if you want to talk to him

Same! signed up as new user I shoulda asked around before :man_facepalming:t5: :joy: