Where to stake Terra LUNA?

I picked up a bit of LUNA on the last dip and looking to stake. Where is a good place, pool and/or return?

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you can on KUcoin

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It’s the most popular.

Personally I’m not too into staking or usury based interest so I bounced this off my partner. He say’s Terra Station, but his personal preference is Binance staking the LUNA because he likes it more, nothing about %. The % changes due to numerous factors and how Terra Station Vs Binance run it.

To throw in, I’m a fan of Kucoin, they also stake LUNA. kucoin/earn section . LUNA is at 2.61% 21day-APY .

Thank you

Thank you, I’ll look into KuCoin.

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binance had an awesome apy for luna a while ago. it’s gone now.

yes am also think, it is a good place.