Where to start staking?

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When it comes to staking there are plenty of options: Polkadot, Energi, xSigma, Cardano, Etherium if you have the money (pre-sharding) and plenty more. There are so many factors to consider, so who do you think makes the most sense to start and why?

For practicality, let’s assume a reasonable seed fund (Under $2k) and we can access any equipment/software required.


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ETH, cardano & energi are 3 of several that I mine & stake. I prefer more liquid coins since less trading means less transactions plus the rate of return paid is a factor. Stake eth till they shut down mining but a new form of staking shall ensue.

Also look at ERC-20 tokens. Diversify and spread the money heavier to the coins liked the most that give greater returns from staking but smaller coins get less, you’ll have to decide percentages or dollar amounts. I bought $500 of pancake swap, looks good so far and my friends laugh at the name so I get to laugh at them.