Which bobcat miner should I buy for Qatar ( Middle east)

Hi there
I am planning to buy 2 bobcat miners.
I do live in middle east , Qatar and this is where the 2 miners will be installed.
Which Frequency should I Order? North America or Europe?

thank you for you help

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Hi, did you get the answer for this because I’m curious to know also

check the link below

frequency is EU868
Are you a miner based in Qatar as well?

Where can i buy a bobcat miner in qatar or do you know someone that is selling ?

I bought it from the website bobcat miner, and I am still waiting…6 months or more waiting list.are you based here in Qatar?

We bought bobcat miner since 4 months and still waiting, looks like it will arrive not sooner than 6 months more.

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Have you buy from us before?

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