Which cheap GPU is best for mining?

Hi guys,
i want to do my own rig with GPU my budget is not too much,
What is your suggestion for best mining video cards ?
GeForce GTX 1070 and AMD Radeon RX580 is favourite GPU mining card on internet but im not sure,
Kindly need your comment.

You can mine with any cheap GPU with a bare minimum of 2GB of VRAM. Today I’d say 3GB is the minimum for mining, unless you’re interested in ETH, then you will want a GPU with 6GB VRAM or higher.

To answer your question more information is needed:

  1. What do you want to mine?
  2. What is your budget? $100, $200, $5000?
  3. What mining platform do you plan to use? (Windows, Linux, SMOS, etc.)

If you are brand new to mining then just learn how to mine with the computer you have, even with one GPU. Figure out the questions above. When you know what coins, projects, algorithms you want to support with your hash power, then you’re ready for the dive into multi-gpu rig (which may not be cheap).

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Check eBay for used GPU’s. That’s where I’ve got mine from. The cards you mentioned should be good for mining. I’d stay above 6 go. As soon anything lower won’t be able to mine. Look into mining CPU’s. Verus and Monero are two choices.

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I still have over 70 GPU’s… But my FPGAs are currently much more fun an profitable.
BCUs, Forrest Kittens, Jungle Cats, Acorns, Imperium V2s, R2s and Black Miner F1+s, F1-Ultras, F1-Mini+s and even an Atom Miner


I see responses relative to Pricing, Memory, and Coin to mine but let me give you a different perspective.

Power: The cost of electricity is going to take away your profits (considering you mine the right coin).
The amount of Heat generated by your Rig(s) is directly related to the Power Consumed.
not a big factor in Siberia, but will destroy all profits, mining in say Arizona.
Power and HashRate are non-linear. Using Programs like X1, Afterburner, and others you can
adjust the power and clock levels. I keep the Power level and Memory Clocks at the
lowest level and increase the Core Clock speed as much as possible below the Unstable
level. This achieves the highest hashrate at minimum cost.

Cards: I used eBay to purchase some nice Powercolor Golden Edition rx580 GPU’s. They consumed
a lot of power and were inefficient miners. Eventually I sold them for just a little less and bought
NVidia cards.
I chose 1660-TI cards for their low power consumption and the 6GB of memory.
These GPU’s are capable miners and continue to produce a profit today.
Next I considered 8GB GPU’s and more performance so I purchased NVidia 2060 Super GPU’s
These cards consumed about 110 Watts when power levels were dropped. They also had
a much higher hashrate than the 1660-TI’s which consumed about 70 Watts.
With the higher price of those cards and the extra cost of electricity, I decided to sell them
and stick with the 1660-TI’s as all the coins I had been mining didn’t require 8 GB.
Which GPU’s?: I find NVidia GPU’s to outperform AMD cards in many ways. I also prefer X1
and Afterburner to AMD’s WattMan. Also, My high end GPU’s like the ROG STRIX and
EVGA XC brands operate MUCH cooler than lower end cards like the ASUS DUAL. The
EVGA SC card I bought required a little more power to start hashing better and didn’t run
all that cool either. I also prefer cards with backplates and only one power connector.

FPGA: I purchased a few F1mini+ FPGA cards at a relatively low price compared to GPU’s. These
really hashed at a high rate and were making a profit as high as 3 or 4 GPU’s each. This
didn’t last as the pools changed the difficulty and the coin prices dumped. These will not
currently produce a profit but look real nice quietly cranking shitcoins at a loss.

That’s it for now, good luck with your mining and try cpu mining too. Keep the heat to a minimum.


I’m not the OP, but found this very helpful. I’ve been looking at 1660s vs 2060s for my first dedicated miner. Thanks for the great insights :slight_smile:

post a picture of your mining setup, super diverse esp. for fpga mining :smiley:

that’s quite a collection! I would love an update on how all of those miner are preforming.