Which Helium miner?

I’ve got the Vosk Synchrobit on order. I’ve also got a Bobcat on order. I recently came into a little more money and I may be getting tired of waiting. Who knows if I’ll ever see the Synchrobit and I think I’ve got about 3-4 more months of waiting on the Bobcat. I figure I can overpay for one on eBay and then sell one for about the same when they finally arrive. Or I may set them up at my parents houses. So the question is, which miner to get now? Seems to be a lot of Kerlinks and Nebras on eBay right now. Does it even matter? Is it more about the antenna than the miner? I think I’d like to be able to set it up outside. Thanks for your input.

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Fastminers.io has a decent competitor in stock last time I checked with the Milesight IoT UG65. I got one. It’s just as good maybe even better than the other Helium miners out there. I bought yesterday and it has already been shipped.