Which Mining OS

Hi guys I wanted to know what people used for mining OS’s and why.

I just got HiveOS setup on my first dedicated mining rig last night, and I am very impressed with it.

I was interested in Hashr8 OS which looked like it was everywhere on youtube, but I was met with a closed beta. As a certified newb I didn’t want to be on beta anything and went with Hive.

i use minerstat mach better of hive more functions have plus some not interested function can be off to keep clean dashboard and what you need, simple control, have option login vea ip to etch your miner monitor to see mining software,phone app,automatic profit change from primary coin to other like be % of profit,like difference between 5% 10% of profit, 1 rig free, other rigs very cheap to add i have 5 rig and pay for year 70usd, live coins value, live profit charts, benchmark can do bench for etch coin to different miners like claymore phoenix it shows actual hashratio for etch mining software plus power draw easy to see with miner give more hash or less power draw and more future. i use first hive for month after i found minerstat try it also enough 1week to use and now im 7month use it and never change to any os

Did you find it hard to migrate?

Does minerstat do flight sheets?

much beter of hive and more simple to use migrate was so simple, it similar to flight sheet basically all config you need just add pools you need and wallets else you simple press creat new template and add select your pools and wallet everything else is automatic mode

I use SMOS cause I’ve been using SMOS for a couple years now and it just works.

OK, so I’m using Etcher to try and make a minerstat thumb drive. I select the OS, the thumb drive and hit start and then…nothing. It just says Starting…

I checked the windows defender stuff to make sure it’s not getting caught up there, and don’t see any reason to think so. Their website mentions waiting 20 minutes. Do you see no progress that whole time or something?

I tried a couple different pieces of software that were supposed to make bootable thumb drives, they were all surprisingly bad and didn’t work out. So I’m waiting for Etcher again.

first on minerstat you need use rufus to burn os, second after burn you need plug usb stick to miner wait till boot write mworker write your worker key and rig name press enter after os will boot to miner screen, after on web you need config your worker create for windows or mos after save pool,wallet, tune and create template and press run wait 1 min till start mining reboot rig. minerstat os must be download fallow gpu series if you download wrong os it not boot
1 one is new os shut work with mixed gpu rig. burn with rufus,boot tipe mworker workeykey rig name
Opera Snapshot_2020-10-03_010547_minerstat.com
os setup

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go to worker and wait 1-2min till start mining, reboot rig enjoy

I like raveos it is basically hashr8. Free first 3 machines are free after that it is $2.00 month paid in digital currency.

I like it because it has a mobile app, support is easy to let others access your account to troubleshoot.

Here is my referral if you decide. I am no way trying to get you to signup. If you use this link or not I don’t care.

Woah thanks for the writeup Asiukas

Yeah, I guess it just takes etch forever to write. I was playing around with MSOS today