Which of these very old GPU is better for non-mining?

So I know they are old, I am not looking to mine or do anything special.
The PC one of these would be going into is old and only has VGA on board.
The PC will be hooked to a older TV in the basement for daughters dance practice area so nothing special…

Which is better? I know nothing about old GPUs.

xfx one 2gb ddr3 hdmi dvi vga pci-e

amd radeon 7570???
No sticker haven’t plugged it in…

The XFX card is equivalent to a Radeon HD 5450 and has 2 GB of ddr3 memory

The RX550/ Radeon HD7570 is higher up on the hierarchy scale as the right side of this table shows rank
The HD7570 isn’t specifically shown but the rank is higher than the HD5450 card.
The 7570 may only have 1 gb of memory though.
Here are a few listings



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Dollyshunk has a good reply, why not try the 7570 and if its not getting it done, try the other card – it’s a pretty quick and easy thing to swap.

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Thanks. I have both on hand but don’t know what specs make a GPU better than another or how to compare them against each other…
I am going to grab a DP to HDMI cord off Amazon and give it a shot.
Is there a spec sheet or something that tells me what DP version is on this?

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Criteria for selecting a video card.

get the specs … straight from the manufacturers web site, wiki, or google on the internet. Many extinct cards may also be listed on ebay.

How many and which connectors does the card have. It appears that the 7570 has a Display Port and DVI port. Yes there are DP to HDMI adapters but HDMI now supports sound. The adapter may not.

If you can compare the GPU processor model without disassembling the card do so.

The cards video memory type/model/size should be compared. HBM2, or VDDR5 and others have different transfer rates. For instance the Nvidia SUPER series uses faster memory than the same version that is not SUPER. The RADEON VII uses fast HBM2 memory.

Eventually, you will learn to source this information. Youtube videos will explain the different makes/models of the newer cards but the older stuff is still on the channel.