Who all is getting Bitmains new miners?

Who all else is jumping in getting some of the new miners too?

Already preordered my K7 to add with the farm.

Interested to hear who all checked into KA3,K7,HS3

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I am thinking about KA3 but I think that I will pay him to much if I pay 9000 usd , because I did some math and I think that on 3000 pcs of KA3 when they hit market , miner reward will be 3 times less then now… So I think that in 3 to 4 months KA3 will get monthly 500 KDA… minus power … it will have ROI 24 to 36 months with price of 9000 usd

I think K7 and HS3 are better buy , for speculative mining…


Great to hear your feedback I thought similar too I have a rep I was able to get miner with and I can get KA3 8300-8800 be it all depends on market I went with 2-K7 instead

I have offer on 8000 on KA3 at Unistar , but I am gona pass it…

Are you at all worried about the having coming up in nov(ckb)?