Who’s the go to for fan shrouds

Who’s the go to for fan shrouds looking for price for K7 and KS3M

Looking for 8 inch? Did you want it to cover the PSU? If I can get measurements I’m happy to design one and send you the file so you can get it printed locally using Craftcloud® - The Streamlined 3D Printing Service

And you mean Iceriver right?

This will fit your K7 but if you want a real fancy one then look up Hashvortex they will fit your K7 also

And also looking at the KS3m specs from Iceriver it’s the same dimensions as the L7 which I have a file for but I can’t confirm if the PSU sits the same distance/height as the L7, if you want that file let me know but that should help

Sweeet! Thank you looking first for K7