Who thinks we need MORE MISS VOSK on the VoskCoin YouTube channel?!

Who else thinks we need to see more of Miss Vosk on the VoskCoin YouTube channel?! Let’s get her motivated to get back into some video content!

This picture absolutely sums up the daily life of VoskCoin in 2017, glad things are a bit less stressful and cluttered these days! Only thing this picture is missing is the beautiful pup, Tails!


We need some content, Miss Vosk. Everyone has seen everything on Netflix and Hulu twice already because of the pandemic. I watched a guy trimming cow hooves on Youtube for 20 minutes yesterday. The world needs you.

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cow hooves? suuurely watching something a 3rd time is more interesting then that. i did however watch a whole thing about beekeeping the other day… i have never kept a bee in my life.

More is always good dude